We represent artists in all aspects of their endeavours. From personal to business affairs and everything in between, we provide consistent, rock solid support.

We work with artists who wish to build long lasting careers or we step in to give shorter campaigns a fresh burst of energy.

Whether it is a low key release, a 6 month full-impact album campaign or a 5 year plan, we work with artists around all aspects of these projects i.e. strategy, recording, releasing, publicity, merchandise, bookings, travel, and book-keeping etc.



Whether it’s a unique event at an offbeat location that needs production and promotion, or a European tour that needs to be booked and planned, we are capable of taking the reins.

We know what’s needed to get a crowd buzzing and we know what it takes to keep our clients calm and comfortable. With contacts across Europe in press, production and booking, we have the network to make things happen.

From cutting edge venues to underground clubs we can navigate the systems and help you to create the experience you are looking for with your event.



We love to write and we love to create impeccable copy that packs a punch.

We will work with you to create the message that you wish to convey in the most effective way.

Whether you need a catchy press release, a comprehensive biography or a complete brand overhaul, we can help you achieve this with the right language and tone.

Should you wish to reimagine your brand image entirely or tweak it just a tad, we can help you brainstorm the possibilities and create a strategy to achieve that goal.


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