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Make Wave Productions

Partner between 2016 and 2019

In 2012 Swedish act Wintergatan offered the world a first glimpse of their ethereal productions with the release of their debut track and video “Sommarfågel”. 

Wintergatan followed quickly with the release of their self-­titled debut album in the Spring of 2013 on their independent record label.

In November 2014, after touring for 18 months, Wintergatan’s founding member Martin Molin decided to switch gears and embark on a visionary project with one goal; to build a programmable Marble Machine. 

Wintergatan had previously hand built unique instruments, notably the Modulin and the Music Box, which can be seen in the “Starmachine2000” video, however the Marble Machine was to become the most ambitious and challenging instrument of all.

The build, which was estimated to take two months, stretched to over a year. During this time, Martin designed and created over 3000 custom parts and coordinated the use of 2000 marbles, documenting the exceptional journey through his youtube channel. Through dogged perseverance, blood, sweat and tears the Marble Machine was finally completed after 14 months. At this point Make Wave Productions and Wintergatan combined forces to release 

the incredible Marble Machine video to the world on March 2nd 2016.

Three days after it’s release the Marble Machine video had been viewed over 10 million times around the world and Wintergatan had been propelled onto the world stage. Today the Marble Machine video has over 120 million views.

Wintergatan’s Marble Machine provided the world with a fascination and a reminder that old school mastery still exists, though it so often feels lost to another century.

Given the success of the Marble Machine, Martin Molin was compelled to go back into his workshop to build a new and improved version, namely the Marble Machine X which could be durable enough to take on a world tour with Wintergatan. Martin explains: ”I designed the original machine so that it can function perfectly under the best circumstances. To be able to put it on a live stage I have to build in more safety margins so that it can also function under imperfect circumstances”.

Martin Molin is currently putting the finishing touches on the Marble Machine X while he continues to grow Wintergatan’s youtube channel through the weekly release of his Wintergatan Wednesday series, which has documented the build. 

Make Wave Productions journey with Wintergatan is now complete and we wish Martin and the band every success on their goal of embarking on a world your with the Marble Machine X.